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HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! The name is Moon-chan332, but you can call me Luna.

I am a Lebonese Mexican.

I am an anything-goes-artist.

I :heart: Creepypasta, gore, horror, PANDAS, Hetalia, 2Phetalia, PANDAS, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, PANDAS and TORTUGAS!!!!!!

I do requests. If you do request to do a tutorial on a craft, sell you, or how I make a certain plush, I'm sorry I cannot do that.

If its an art, I will do art trades since I have no more points.

Tambien pueo hablar en espanol si no hablas ingles.

My little sister =>:iconkookiemonsterinc:
My big sister=> :iconkinoxshika:
My friends=> :iconskycanvas86::iconmoonstripe-the-wolf::iconilovveslender1010::iconaskfriggycat::iconechozhalomaniac::iconvey-kun::iconucsa42909: :iconlennongirl:
  • Listening to: Wrong side of heaven by Five Finger Death Punch
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  • Eating: chocolate filled cream puffs
  • Drinking: carrot juice
    Hello everyone!! it has been way to long since i have posted any form of art or have said anything to my viewers. So let me catch up on what i have to say and the news i have to tell you.

    1) I HAVE FINALLY TURNED 18!!!! Even though I dislike wearing the big girl pants, I have to.
    2) I will be updating my old plushies with newer versions.
    #) I plans on uploading creepypasta stories on my version of their origin stories, my CP theory, and unveiling my  CP ocs.
    4) I will be free this summer so I plan to upload more art/crafts and I'll be able to talk to you guys and answer all your questions.
    5) Even though I will be free this summer, I will be applying for  job so I will be a night owl when it comes to DA.
    6) I am enrolled in my choice of university so when that time comes (specifically August 28), I will be checking on my account twice a week (Monday and Friday).
    7) I'm finally old enough to start my etsy account and apply for a visa card. Ever since I have joined DA, I've been getting tons of requests to open an etsy account to sell my art and crafts. I've gotten several invites from the actual site and I have finally decided now will be a good time. However i want to go over some of the details and rules i will have on my account.
        - I will do stock only. Reason: I can't create more when i run out. It will         take time (especially cause all my products are handmade and my sewing machine acts like a hormonal 12 year old). I will have a set number made and its first come, first serve. i will inform you what time i    will upload my merchandise and at what time so please be patient.
       -I will not do personal commissions until i have gained a certain amount of money. (Till I've made at least $250). Why you ask? I want to make bank and gain experience before i do that.
       -It will be by popularity and demand for the product. I'll first unveil on DA and if people ask me that they would like to purchase it (at least 10 people) then i will make how many I believe is right and tell you "hey! its on my etsy! you can go buy it!"
        - I will be making a youtube account to unveil the product so you can         see the details and how it looks (because sometimes pictures lie).
        - I will be making more product but i will only sell 4 at a time. Example: on my etsy, you may see i have 4 products and let say a certain type of plushie is out of stock. i will replace with a different product and once that has sold out and people demand the certain plushie, that goes back up on my etsy.
        - You will have to pay for shipping and handling.

    Ok so now that you know my plans, here is my question to all my followers. I want you to chose 4 specific plushies/ crafts i have created that you would like to see sold on my etsy. I will make them and when the time comes to unveil it, I will inform you so please check your inboxes for my journals!

Plushies: (expect newer updated versions)
America Mochi!!! by Moon-chan332     Cotton Candy plush/charm by Moon-chan332        Mini Mr. Tofu!! by Moon-chan332

Request: IggyMochi by Moon-chan332     Japanmochi Plush by Moon-chan332

Crafts: (expect newer updated versions)

Mochi tower: Russia and America by Moon-chan332       Canada Mochi (request by our RP Canada) by Moon-chan332

    Thanks for everything and ta-taa!!

    If you like to ask me anymore questions on anything concerning my etsy or any or my product message me or leave it in the comment section below. Bye!

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